Digital Rural Service: A Unique Journey That Changed the Lives of Villagers!

Digital Rural Service: A Unique Journey That Changed the Lives of Villagers!

"Digital Rural Service: The Journey from a Small Village in Ballia to India's Best Company" 

Shri Om Narayan Singh, born in the small village of Rasra, has written a remarkable story. His journey, which began in 2018, took a new direction when he received government approval on September 29, 2019. With the launch of Digital Rural Service, he resolved to make life easier for the villagers.

During a trip to a neighboring city, he encountered a new ideology that changed his life forever. There, he came across the concept of providing banking services to villagers through technology. This unique idea completely transformed his thinking.

Om Narayan Singh discovered a platform that could provide digital financial services to the villagers. He aimed to empower everyone from the village and its surroundings with economic strength.

Om Narayan Singh showed that the dream of turning a vision into reality can come true. He founded Digital Rural Service to deliver digital financial services in rural areas. He not only created a platform but also made it user-friendly and accessible. It includes services such as banking, government services, recharge, bill payment, registration, tax filing, and travel services. From 2019 to 2021, his initiative connected with over 50,000 officials. This benefited those villagers who previously had to travel miles to access financial services. Digital Rural Service has paved the way for village empowerment and financial inclusion. Its impact is now visible in all villages.