MG Motor India's "Drive Her Back" initiative empowers women to pursue their dreams after a career break

MG Motor India's "Drive Her Back" initiative empowers women to pursue their dreams after a career break

The program encourages qualified and experienced women to resume their careers after a minimum 6-months long break through inclusive work opportunities

Gurugram: MG Motor India, a British automobile brand with a 99-year-old legacy, today, onboarded candidates for the 4th edition of ‘Drive Her Back’; an initiative aimed to empower women to re-establish their careers after a break. The first-of-its-kind program offers women equal and inclusive professional opportunities within diverse verticals of the company. Providing a dignified platform for women from differentiated backgrounds and communities to resume their careers, season 4 is also set to benefit the spouses of MG Motor’s current employees.

Under this unique initiative, women are provided coaching and internal mentoring to ensure their seamless adaptation to the corporate environment. The program also includes valuable networking opportunities and professional development for all candidates. Season 3 of the ‘Drive Her Back’ initiative culminated with over 1,500 applications, empowering over 60 women to kickstart their careers in their respective fields at MG Motor.

Commenting on the 4th season of the Drive Her Back initiative, Mr. Yeshwinder Patial, Senior Director Human Resources, MG Motor India said, "As a brand committed to inclusivity, MG Motor believes in creating a diverse and talented workforce where every employee has access to equal opportunities. The 4th season of the 'Drive Her Back' initiative is a testament to our commitment to empowering women and promoting gender diversity at the company. Through such initiatives, we aim to create a highly skilled pool of women who can contribute meaningfully to our organization and the industry at large”.

A large number of women in India drop out of the corporate workforce for a number of reasons. Returning to work after a break still remains a challenge for many women employees as they often face difficulty bagging lucrative job opportunities due to their gap years.